Free Kit Weekends


  • Make sure your total is $25, and then use code FREEKIT to add item to your cart
  • Do not put spaces/punctuation between, before, or after the FREEKIT coupon code or it may not apply.
  • Be sure to enter the coupon code in the space designated for coupon codes, not in the order notes.
  • If the coupon code is used correctly, you will see the "March 2023 Free Kit" added to your shopping cart. If you do not see the kit in your shopping cart, please enter the coupon code and click the "apply" button again.

And most importantly, please remember...

SG Rewards codes may not be combined with this promotion.


If you choose to add an SG Rewards code instead of the FREEKIT code, we will assume you would like that discount instead of the free kit.


  • One free kit per person, per weekend.
  • The purchase of gift certificates and shipping cost DO NOT apply towards the $25 total.
  • If you are ordering digital downloads and want to receive the free kit, you will need to order at least one physical item, or pay the shipping fee for us to send the free page kit.
  • Using a gift certificate is considered a form of payment and not a discount, therefore it will not drop you below the $25 spending requirement. 
  • -------------------------------------------------
  • 2023 FREE KIT PROMOTION SCHEDULE - always starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday
  • SEPTEMBER: August 30 - September 3
  • OCTOBER: October 4 - 8
  • NOVEMBER: November 1 - 5
  • DECEMBER: November 29 - December 3