* DIGITAL DOWNLOAD * EBOOK: Writing to Remember, A Guide to Scrapbook Journaling

* DIGITAL DOWNLOAD * EBOOK: Writing to Remember, A Guide to Scrapbook Journaling

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Did you know that journaling is often cited as the most feared and anxiety inducing part of scrapbooking? It’s like the public speaking of the craft world. Well, fear no more. Writing to Remember, The Guide to Scrapbook Journaling is the ultimate resource to help you with either conquering your greatest scrapbooking fear or just simply enhancing your journaling skills.Included are 6 separate ebooks - totalling over 1,100 pages of guidance, inspiration, writing prompts, topics, and so much more! By the time you finish this book you’ll have an endless amount of journaling ideas and topics to use and enjoy.


BOOK 1. Writing to Remember: Instructional

  • A 224 page book that includes an informative guide to scrapbook journaling and focuses on 12 different approaches to help you enhance your writing. Each of the 12 chapters for the approaches includes an in depth guide with breakdowns of different styles, examples, and ways to customize the approaches to fit the theme of your layout. This book has over 1,300 journaling prompts specific to the approaches.

BOOK 2. Writing to Remember: Sketches & Layouts

  • A 169 page book that includes 60 new sketches (12 one-page, 48 two-page) and 36 layout examples that are all designed with the 12 journaling approaches in mind. Each of the 12 approaches has five sketches, three with layout examples and two bonus sketches without layout examples.

The next four books cover 123 scrapbook themes like adoption, beach, memorial, Disney, family, holidays, seasons, sports, travel, and weddings and are designed to help you find the right words for your scrapbook layouts.

BOOK 3. Writing to Remember: Journaling Prompts

  • A 212-page book with over 4,400 journaling prompts, arranged by theme. The prompts include questions, sentences, and ideas that are intended to inspire your scrapbook journaling and also give you lots of ideas for potential layouts.

BOOK 4. Writing to Remember: Titles

  • A 191-page book with almost 11,000 titles, arranged by theme.

BOOK 5. Writing to Remember: Quotes

  • A 158-page book that includes over 1,886 quotes, arranged by theme

BOOK 6. Writing to Remember: Words & Phrases

  • A 185-page book that has over 10,000 words and phrases. Each theme has a collection of words and phrases commonly associated with that theme to help you find the perfect words for your scrapbook journaling.
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