We Create 2019 Allison Davis Classes

Allison Davis will be offering 10 different classes over the course of the We Create weekend. You must sign up by purchasing your spot prior to the event. Class sign up will begin August 19 at 7 a.m. (CST).

Classes will all be listed below, and with each class (other than the Nuvo techniques class), you will have the following options:

ATTEND CLASS. This options buys you a seat in the classroom with guided instruction by Allison.
CLASS KIT ONLY. Kit will include all printed materials and photos needed to complete the class. You will not have a seat in the classroom.

Once the ATTEND CLASS option sells out, the class is considered full and no more seats for the class can be reserved.

If the CLASS KIT ONLY option sells out, you can still purchase the ATTEND CLASS option to get a class kit. You do not have to attend the class if you are only interested in the kit. Please email if you had to choose ATTEND CLASS but want to receive the kit instead.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use coupon codes on class registration/class kit purchases.