Free Kit Weekends

 The first full weekend of every month - spend $25 and receive a FREE page kit!


PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT see the free kit in your shopping cart or on your invoice, but we'll get it added!

Instead, look for this message in your shopping cart:

Your order qualifies for a FREE PAGE KIT - and even though you don't see it below, we will automatically add it to your shipment!
Please make sure your order total stays above $25 AFTER all coupons and discounts, or the free kit will not be included.
At least one physical item must be purchased to earn the free kit. Downloadable only orders do not qualify for the free kit.

• Make sure your total is $25 AFTER all discounts and coupons.
• Gift certificates and shipping cost DO NOT apply towards the $25 total.
• Using a gift certificate is considered a form of payment and not a discount, therefore it will not drop you below the $25 spending requirement. One free kit per person, per weekend.
• If you are ordering digital downloads and want to receive this promo, you will need to pay the shipping fee for us to send the free page kit.

2020 Free Kit Promotion Schedule

(all promotions start on Wednesday and end on Sunday, except in May when promo is extended for National Scrapbook Day)


Jan. 1 - Jan. 5


Feb. 5 - Feb. 9


March 4 - March 8


April 1 - April 5


April 27 - May 3


June 3 - June 7


July 1 - July 5


Aug. 5- Aug. 9


Sept. 2 - Sept. 6


Sept 30 - Oct. 4


Nov. 4 - Nov. 8


Dec. 2 - Dec. 6