Fiskars Squeeze Punch: Hexagon - Large (1.5")

Fiskars Squeeze Punch: Hexagon - Large (1.5")

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FISKARS-Large Squeeze Punch. Fiskars flipped everything over so you don't have to. Now you can easily see when the paper is lined up-- no more half punches and no more wasted paper. It's the perfect punch every time. Plus you can sit down and relax-- no more standing up to push with all your might. This revolutionary punch needs very little manpower-- just one little squeeze punches through anything from copy paper to heavy cardstock. A specially engineered squeeze motion punch with ergonomic handles. It requires less force than other punches. Each punch has a different force reduction depending on the detail of the design. The designs of the extra large size fit inside a 2" circle, the large size fit inside a 1.5" circle and the medium size fit inside a 1" circle.