**** EMAILS TO JOIN THE GROUP HAVE BEEN SENT! DEADLINE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP IS MAY 7 - Email if you have not receive the group link! ****





We will be using and working through the 20 ONE-PAGE sketches from the Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: One-page Sketches digital download. If you are typically a two-page scrapbooker don’t worry! There are two-page options included for every sketch.


Please read the following information carefully before making your purchase. Everything is explained in great detail, and since these are digital items, there will be no refunds.

• APRIL 5 - MAY 2: Registration/purchase period
• MAY 3 - MAY 7: Private Facebook group will open; emails will be sent with link to join
• MAY 10: Class will begin, and will continue for the next 20 weeks

Total cost for sketch downloads and class registration fee: $17

Please read carefully, and choose the one that fits your situation. There will be no refunds for duplicate purchases. If you are still unsure, please email with any questions before you complete your purchase. Coupon codes can not be used on this purchase. If you use a coupon code, your registration for the class will not be valid.


If you HAVE already purchased the Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: ONE-PAGE sketches... will select to pay the $5 class fee, listed below with the graphic to the left. Please double check to make sure you have purchased the sketches before selecting this option. This option DOES NOT include the sketches and it is required to have the sketches to gain access to the private Facebook group. You will need to provide both order numbers - the one for this class fee AND the one for the sketch download - to access the private Facebook group.
* Coupon codes cannot be used on this item. If you use a coupon code, your registration for the class will not be valid.

If you HAVE NOT already purchased the Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: ONE-PAGE sketches... will need to buy the $17 price option which includes the 20 sketches, listed below with the graphic to the left. The sketches will be available to download immediately after purchase. Access to them is provided after check out and they can also be found in your account at


* Coupon codes cannot be used on this item. If you use a coupon code, your registration for the class will not be valid.
  • 20 one-page sketches that all focus on using 6x6 paper pads
  • 20 new layouts examples created by Allison Davis
  • Over 450 bonus sketches examples (this alone is a $40 value) showing how to adapt the sketch by changing up the papers, using more photos, using less photos, using only 4x6” photos, creating two-page layouts, and an 8-1/2 x 11” option.
  • Videos that show several ways you can adapt the sketches.
  • Videos that detail how Allison adapted the sketch for her layouts.
  • NEW - Videos showing tips, tricks, and techniques with products like punches, watercolors, and Nuvo Drops and covering topics like stitching, creating patterns, creating clusters, and creating titles.
  • Printable PDFs of the sketch and layout text.
  • NEW - Printable PDFs that cover several tips, tricks, and techniques for using 6x6” papers on full size layouts.

On Monday, May 3 an email will be sent to every person that has purchased the class with the link to the private Facebook group where the class will take place.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to join the group by clicking the link provided in the email and requesting to join the group. Failing to do so could result in missing out on the class. You will need to provide your order number(s) to gain access to the group. The group will close on May 7, and if you have not joined by then, you will not be granted access.

We will verify every member and purchase. We highly discourage trying to share your purchase information and the link with friends to try to give them free access. We always catch this through verification and sharing the link will result in you and your friend being banned from the class without any refunds.



DO I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE? No. If you just want to join for the class materials or to see what everyone creates and shares you are more than welcome to join as long as you purchased the correct sketches.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE GROUP WHEN THE 20 WEEKS ARE OVER? WILL I HAVE STILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE GROUP AFTER THAT? Yes. The group will be there for as long as Facebook is around. Eventually, the group will be archived which means that it will still be accessible by the members, but it will no longer be an active group. Once it is archived you can no longer share or comment on the contents.

DO I HAVE TO USE 6 X 6" PAPERS TO COMPLETE THE LAYOUTS? No. These sketches can be used with any papers. In fact, they are perfect for using up scraps too!

AM I EXPECTED TO KEEP UP THE PACE OF CREATING A LAYOUT EACH WEEK? No. You can work at your own pace. If life gets in the way and you can't complete a layout for the week that is completely okay. You can always complete a layout later and share it with the group at your own pace.

WHERE DO I GO TO FIND THE LINK TO THE GROUP? An email will be sent out on May 3 with the link to the group. Please make sure your email is current when purchasing.

I BOUGHT THE SKETCHES TWO MONTHS AGO, CAN I STILL JOIN. Yes. It does not matter when you bought the sketches. If your order number shows that you purchased the sketches you will be approved to join.

I ONLY CREATE TWO-PAGE LAYOUTS AND THESE ARE ONE-PAGE SKETCHES, ARE THERE OPTIONS FOR TWO-PAGE LAYOUTS? Yes. I share four ways you can adapt the sketch to work with two-page layouts.

I ONLY CREATE 8-1/2 X 11" LAYOUTS, CAN I MAKE THESE SKETCHES WORK FOR THAT SIZE? Yes. I share an 8-1/2 x 11" sketch example. There were a couple of 8-1/2 x 11" scrapbookers in the first group and they created amazing layouts with the sketches!

I ONLY USE 4 X 6" PHOTOS, DO THE SKETCHES WORK FOR THAT? Yes. I share sketch examples using only 4 x 6" photos.