About Us

"Two sets of sisters agreed to cooperate, and Scrapbook Generation was born."

One of the songs that I listen to full blast while driving (just a tad above the speed limit) on my way to and from Springfield, Missouri has been elevated from just a favorite to my personal anthem. REO Speedwagon's "Roll with the Changes" perfectly describes how Scrapbook Generation fits in my life. 
" if you're tired of the 
Same old story
Turn some pages
I'll be here when you are ready 
To roll with the changes..."
After 32 years as a journalism teacher, public relations director, and school administrator, I retired, but continued working for the same school district part-time. My life was set. Work two and a half days a week, 36 weeks a year. The rest of the time, be home scrapbooking. After years of being a person driving to achieve multiple goals, I had only one. Enjoy leisure time.

Then an event beyond my control happened, and I realized I was "tired of the same old story." If anyone was ever ready to "turn some pages," it was me.

When I discovered that my sister Karin was also ready to turn some pages in her life, we quickly called a family meeting with my daughters Stacey and Allison. Within a week, the four of us were sitting down at Cheddars, looking through folders of information I had gathered. There on the spot, two sets of sisters agreed to cooperate, and Scrapbook Generation was born at a table loaded with baked potato soup, chicken strips, Diet Coke, and high hopes.

-- Debbie Sanders, co-owner of Scrapbook Generation

Scrapbook Generation is a Springfield, Missouri retail store started in 2004 by two sets of sisters: Debbie Sanders and Karin Rush, and Debbie's daughters Stacey Atchley and Allison Davis. In 2010, the family business expanded to include Scrapbook Generation Publishing. In 2013, the online store at expanded to provide a one-stop shopping source for customers all over the world.